• Wrought Iron Gates and Fencing
  • Chain Link Gates and Fencing
  • Baseball and Softball Fields/Backstops
  • Batting cages
  • Tennis Court Enclosures
  • Security Fencing/Barbed Wire
  • Gaurdrail
  • Design/Build Projects

Wolverine Fence Co provides a number of different fencing systems for a multitude of applications.

We are a multi generational family operated company with strong ties to our local communities.  Together we have over 100 years of experience designing, fabricating, and installing the highest quality fencing systems in the world

Our Team

Why Union?

Because nothing is more important than the safety of our employees.  Our Union also provides

-Highly Skilled/Trained workers

-Time effective

-Highest Quality Installation

Proud Union Labor

At Wolverine Fence Co, we take a highly collaborative approach to the design and installation of our product.  Our project management and planning team work closely with architects, engineers, and owners well before ground is...  


When founding Wolverine Fence Co, we knew we wanted to make a difference.

Striving to serve the people of Southern California is a top priority for us.  We do this by focusing our efforts mainly on Public Works projects that directly effect our local communities, like the modernization of public schools and development of community sports parks, community activity centers.  We also work closely in the early stages of project development with our city leaders,  county leader, and school districts to ensure we are building the best community possible.

For all of us

What We Do

Laborers Local Hall 652

Wolverine Fence Co is proud to exclusively employ Union fence installers

Its All About Our Community

Wolverine Fence Company, Inc.